The Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Plan: 

Help shape the future of the village: Click here to ‘Have your say’

Why does this matter?
Your views will influence the Development Plans for the Area for years to come!

The route you take to work, the places you park your car, the bus route, cycle paths, playing areas for your children, your schools, the location of allotments, community centres, shops, recreation space, street layouts and lighting are all the result of planning.

In a nutshell, the Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Forum will:

  • Give you a chance to have your say in how Englefield Green will change and develop over the next 10 years.
  • Represent the views of the community on matters of planning and development.

What do you love/What would you change?

What do you love about living or working in Englefield Green?  
What aspects of the local area do you want to see protected?
What facilities do you currently enjoy or feel are lacking?  
What would make Englefield Green an even better place to live and work?

If you live or work in Englefield Green, your views are critical to creating the Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Plan. We want to hear them!

We’ve made it easy for you– Click here to go directly to a short questionnaire which when submitted will be logged and reviewed by the Steering Committee. (and you’ll get an automatic confirmation its been submitted, so you’ll know it hasn’t been lost)

Who are we?

The Forum is the residents and those who work in the Neighbourhood (see map of the Forum Area). The Forum is designated by Runnymede Borough Council as the official body that will create the Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Plan. 

The Forum Steering Committee has the job of undertaking research and then drafting and submitting the Plan to Council, based on your views.

What can a Neighbourhood Plan do? It can:

  • Complement and enhance the relevant National and Local Plans with more detailed policies that are particularly applicable to the Neighbourhood Area
  • Give the community a voice when deciding on new development
  • Identify a wish list of potential improvement of local infrastructure, local facilities and the like
  • direct the use of funds from the Community Development Levy (CDL) towards potential improvements in local infrastructure etc..

What can’t a Neighbourhood Plan do? It can’t:

  • Stop all development in the area
  • Be in opposition to National or Local plans
  • Dictate improvements in local infrastructure and the like.

Watch this short video to understand more about Neighbourhood Planning.

◻️ Have Your Say – Click here to complete a questionnaire. Your answers will influence the Plan so it is definitely worth it. All residents and all those working in the Area can participate- you don’t have to be a Forum member.

◻️ Join the Forum – Click here to register as a Forum member and be entitled to vote on the draft Plan ( when we complete it!) and at AGM’s.

◻️ Get involved – Volunteer to assist with the work necessary to produce the Plan and to contribute to its development. E mail us at egvforum@gmail.com or click here for more information on what you could help with. The more people involved the quicker we’ll get the Plan done.

◻️ Complete the Business Questionnaire– if you are a business, click here to complete the business questionnaire and help us understand what our businesses need in the Plan

The Forum is grateful to Englefield Green Village Residents Association and to the Members Community Allocation of Surrey County Councillor sponsored by County Councillor Marisa Heath for providing funding to the Forum to help it  formulate the Neighbourhood Plan. The Steering Committee would like to emphasise that these funds have been provided with no obligations to either organisation other than to use the funds to progress the Neighbourhood Plan.