Due to the Coronavirus, we very much regret  that the Farmers Market on 28th March, at which we were planning to have a stand, has been cancelled, our drop in session and AGM on the 21st April at the Village Centre, and our drop in session at the Hub on the 23rd May have both been postponed until it is considered safe to hold them.


Here you will find out all about the local Englefield Green Village Neigbourhood Forum and how we will create an Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Plan for the designated Englefield Green Village Area.

The Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Forum is designated by Runnymede Borough Council as the official body that will create the Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Plan.

Membership to the Forum is free and open to anyone who lives or works in the Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Area. Membership does not oblige you to do anything, but it does give you the opportunity to make your views and ideas known and these will influence the contents of the plan.

The Forum is lead by a Steering Committee, whose job is to seek out your views, collate them and formulate the plan with your agreement.

How does this affect you?

The aim of the Plan is to represent the views of the community on matters of planning and development.

If adopted, the Plan will give legal weight to those views and help shape planning and development outcomes in our area.

If you live and or work in the Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Area (see map – opens new tab),then decisions about planning from new developments such as housing or business to community infrastructure such as street lighting or recreation space in the area affect you. 

What are your views?

  • What do you love about living or working in Englefield Green?  
  • What aspects of the local area do you want to see protected?
  • What facilities do you currently enjoy or feel are lacking?  
  • What would make Englefield Green an even better place to live and work?

Get Involved

Your contribution can make a real difference to the future of our Neighbourhood.

As a Forum member, you can shape the plan through comments, feedback and involvement in generating the policies that will form the Plan.

Forum members will also have a chance to review the proposed policies and suggest changes before the final draft is written.

Ultimately you will have a chance to vote on the Draft Plan at a Forum Referendum.

Not joined yet? To Join the Forum CLICK HERE

More information about planning? Have a look at our page What is Neighbourhood Planning

Still not sure how you you could influence the plan? Have a look How do we create the Plan page?

The Useful Information and Links page provides you with links to Neighbourhood Planning policy documents mentioned above.

The Forum is grateful to Englefield Green Village Residents Association and to the Members Community Allocation of Surrey County Councillor sponsored by County Councillor Marisa Heath for providing funding to the Forum to help it  formulate the Neighbourhood Plan. The Steering Committee would like to emphasise that these funds have been provided with no obligations to either organisation other than to use the funds to progress the Neighbourhood Plan.