News and Events

Upcoming events

  • Annual General Meeting 30th June 2020 4-5pm (by video conference)
  • Englefield Green Farmers’ Market – Date TBC
  • Exhibition and round table at The Hub – Date TBC
  • Open air display in August 2020, subject to being able to meet safety concerns 

Forum/Steering Committee activities to date 

The Englefield Green Village Forum was approved by Runnymede Borough Council on the 13th November 2019. Following invitations to residents that had previously expressed interest, an initial Steering Committee was formed and the first Steering Committee meeting held on the 9th December 2019. Since that first meeting, further meetings have been held on a monthly basis. 

Between meetings, the Steering Committee has been taking the following actions;

  •  Familiarising themselves with Planning matters, including getting a general understanding of the emerging Runnymede Borough Local Plan and the various designations applied within our Area (Green Belt, SSSIs etc)
  • Organising communications with residents and those who work in the Area, including ,pre Covid, the printing and distribution of leaflets, and, post covid, the construction of a website with a means for prospective Forum members, residents and Area workers to get involved; emails to existing members and facebook calls to prospective members. (These various communications were launched in March 2020, in response to not being able to undertake face to face meetings due to Covid restrictions)
  • Undertaking research, such as the History of the Area, its Demographics, auditing the Housing and building stock in the Area, investigating the green infrastructure and how it could be improved, auditing the number and type of business and social facilities in the Area. This research is vital as supporting evidence to justify any Policies that may be proposed. Click here to visit the Research page.

Steering Committee meetings are currently being held virtually.  Progress on these and future matters will be reported as the Steering Committee makes progress. Click here to see the minutes of the Steering Committee meetings

Watch this space for more news and events!