Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A. A Neighbourhood Plan is a new way for us to have a say in the future of the place where we live and work. It gives us the power to produce a plan, with real legal weight, that directs building development in our local area. It helps us to:

  • choose where we want new homes, shops and offices to be built
  • have a bigger say on what those new buildings should look like
  • have a bigger say in granting planning permission for the new buildings we want to see go ahead

Q. So who is responsible for writing it?

A. We are, through what is known as a community interest group. The government helps us to do it with grants and technical support.  More than 2,400 communities across England have already started neighbourhood planning, so we have started one here in Englefield Green.

Q. Is it run by the government or local council then?

A. Neither. It is run by us the local people. The government is there to provide us with the money and advice to do it and the Council is there to check that we are doing it properly and again help us get access to things we need.

Q. What is a community interest group?

A. In simple terms, it is an organised group of local people coming together to write the Plan. It is voluntary, so no one gets paid and any money we get from the government is to cover our direct costs and buy in professional support. Here in Englefield Green, we have set up a group called a Steering Committee to do this. You can find details here.

Q. Can anyone get involved?

A. Yes, the more the merrier. We need your help. You don’t need to be an expert on anything. Even simple things count such as:

  • Taking part in our survey by completing the questionnaire
  • Sharing information about us with your local friends and neighbours, including on social media (Facebook etc)
  • Registering your e-mail address with us – click here

If you have more time, then please call Mike Kelly on 07887830757, or e mail us at egvforum@gmail.com . We would love to hear from you.

Q. Which parts of Englefield Green are included in the Neighbourhood Plan?

A. The village, Royal Holloway and the surrounding Area. Easiest way is to look at the map here.

Q. How are you going about writing this Plan?

A. We have got a steering committee and several people have come forward to help us do some research for our plan. The most important thing at the moment is finding out what people think. So, we have produced a questionnaire and are asking people who live and work in the Area to fill it in and return it.

Q. Will anyone listen to what we say?

A. Yes, providing it is legal and doesn’t go against central government policy. We will have to prove to the Council and the government that we have done this properly. However, once the Plan is in place both the Council and government do take note of it. We are better off with a Plan than none at all.

Q. Is this a political thing?

A. No, politics and political parties have nothing to do with this. All views count regardless of who you vote for, or not as the case may be.

Q. Why should I get involved? 

A. The Plan is written by the local community.  That means the people who know and love the area can decide on the type of development they want in the places the want it- thats why you should get involved! Have your say and/or Join the Forum !