Get involved

We fully understand that everyone leads  busy lives; you can get involved as much or as little as you like. Everyone has skills and experience of some sort and therefore everyone has something to offer! There are various ways that you can support us. 

◻️ Let us have your views and ideas via the questionnaire

◻️ Join the Forum and vote at AGMs and on acceptance of the draft Plan

◻️ Volunteer to assist us in preparing the Plan. Contact us at . Much research is needed to provide evidence to support the validity of the rules and aspirations we eventually put in the Plan, ranging from organising presentations to researching a specific aspect of our Area. Sounds too difficult or too committing? Its not- we’ll tailor your help to what’s best for you and what time you are prepared to give.

◻️ Volunteer to join the Steering committee. Contact us at A bit more committing than just volunteering but you would be in the thick of things as decisions are made and the Plan takes shape.

Click here for more details of the responsibilities of the Steering Committee.