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The emerging Runnymede Borough Council Local Plan has identified the following issues in the Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Area:

  • Threat of loss of the character of the Victorian core in Englefield Green
  • Traffic domination on St Jude’s Road
  • Poor visual and physical environment of the Forest Estate
  • Lack of on-street parking
  • Lack of open / recreation space in high density area
  • Loss of shops and amenities

What are your views?  Do you agree?  Can you identify other areas that you would like Planning policies to tackle?

What do you love about living or working in Englefield Green?
What aspects of the local area do you want to see protected?
What facilities do you currently enjoy or feel are lacking?
What would make Englefield Green an even better place to live and work?

◻️ Have Your Say – Click here to complete a short questionnaire and give us your likes and dislikes and your ideas for the development of the Area. All residents and all those working in the Area can participate- you don’t have to be a Forum member.