Steering Committee Research

The Steering Committee has been undertaking a number of research projects:

1) Policy Maps; In order to understand what restraints and what regulations and policies already cover our Area under the RBC Local Plan (emerging) we produced the following maps that we hope will help you (and us) understand some of the restraints and opportunities in the RBC emerging Runnymede Plan, which, in the hierarchy, is above ours, and therefore will restrain, be expanded upon or inform our own Plan.

The maps are coloured up to more easily read them, and whilst we hope the explanations on them are accurate, they are a summary of the considerable information in the RBC emerging Plan, and are intended only as a general guide, not as a definitive treatise on the subject

Click on the links below to see each map;

Tree Preservation Orders

Historic Parks and Gardens

Listed Buildings

Open Spaces

Sites of Special Scientific Interest

Strategic Land Availability

Thames Basin Heath SPA

Sites of Nature Conservation Interest

Biodiversity Opportunity Areas

Flood Zones

Council owned land

Conservation Areas

Areas of Landscape Importance

Green Belt, Land being removed from the Green Belt, Housing and Student Accommodation planned for the 2015- 2030 period

2) History: Coming shortly!