Steering Committee

The Steering Committee: 

  • Ensures the activities of the Neighbourhood Forum are compliant with the statutory requirements laid down in the Localism Act 2011 (link)
  • Undertakes research (supported by volunteers) to provide an evidence base to justify the Policies and Aspirations you have asked us to include in the Plan.
  • Devises and maintains a Schedule to deliver a completed Neighbourhood Plan within the permitted time frame
  • Negotiates with the RBC Planning Office to secure the optimum outcomes for the Neighbourhood Area
  • Organises a timetable for the development of the Plan and the voting schedule

The Steering Committee are all volunteers, and are not expected to become experts in planning matters, but need to either be familiar with, or be prepared to become familiar with the planning concepts and restraints affecting our Area.

Any Resident (including students resident in the Area) and any person working in the Area can volunteer to go on the Steering Committee.

If you are interested in joining the Steering Committee please email us at

Current Steering Committee

  • Mike Kelly – Chair
  • Terry Barnet – Deputy Chair
  • Frederick West – Treasurer
  • Rob Buick – Secretary
  • Alan Sloan
  • Debi Hallett
  • Melanie Frobisher

The Steering Committee is re elected at the AGM, which is held within 3 months of the beginning of each financial year, though changes and additions can occur throughout the year.

Currently there are vacancies on the committee so if you are interested in joining then please contact Mike Kelly at

Click here to see the minutes of the Steering Committee monthly meetings